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Downtown Athletic Club Hawaii

DACH is a non-profit organization devoted to supporting sports programs and initiatives in Hawaii.

The object and purpose of DACH shall be to:

  1. Contribute to the socio-economic development of Hawaii through developing and enhancing sports and people’s sports experiences in Hawaii;
  2. Help build the self-confidence and academic achievement of students of all ages through supporting the delivery of sports and sports opportunities to Hawaii’s students;
  3. Foster community pride and contributing to community development by positioning Hawaii as the sports capital of the Pacific;
  4. Support amateur sports in Hawaii;
  5. Build the Hawaii business community’s support for sports in Hawaii; and
  6. Recognize the achievement of Hawaii’s athletes.

Board of Directors

Keith Amemiya
Peter Dames
Chris Dods
Matt Emerson
Art Gladstone
Mike Kawazoe
Chris Kobayashi
Brandon Kurisu
David Morimoto
Ryan Tanaka
Linda Wong

Advisory Board

John Dean
Bob Harrison
Peter Ho
Duane Kurisu
Ray Vara