Since 2012, DACH has supported sports in Hawaii.

About DACH


The Downtown Athletic Club of Hawaii (DACH) was formed in 2012 by the owners and top executives of trusted downtown Hawaii businesses.  DACH held monthly luncheons, pau hana gatherings, and hosted other events to support and raise awareness for local sports in Hawaii.

Previous DACH events featured speakers such as former Hawaii NFL players Olin Kreutz, Manti Te’o, Marcus Mariota, and Chad Owens; former Major League Baseball All-Star, Shane Victorino, University of Hawaii coaches, and national sports personalities such as Neil Everett and Larry Beil.

DACH’s previous fundraising efforts helped to supplement the Molokai and Lanai High School Athletic Departments with their costly air and ferry transportation expenses, and provided financial support for the Pacific Islands Athletic Alliance (PIAA), an organization dedicated to helping over 1,200 college-bound athletes from Hawaii and American Samoa with athletic and academic scholarships, grants, and financial aid. 

A New Beginning

Following the pandemic, DACH has reemerged with a similar mission and new leadership.  

Our Mission:
To create a bridge for corporations, community organizations, and government to facilitate and promote sports throughout the Islands.

Our Board of Directors

  • Keith Amemiya, Board Chair
  • Jason Chang
  • Peter Dames
  • Chris Dods
  • Matt Emerson
  • Art Gladstone
  • Brandon Kurisu
  • David Morimoto

Advisory Board

  • John Dean
  • Bob Harrison
  • Peter Ho
  • Duane Kurisu
  • Ray Vara

DACH has the backing and support of the following organizations:

  • aio Family of Companies
  • American Savings Bank
  • Bank of Hawaii
  • Central Pacific Bank
  • Hawaii Pacific Health
  • First Hawaiian Bank
  • Servco Pacific
  • The Queen’s Health System